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All classes can be paid for by a check made out to Scott Winter and mailed to Scott Winter, 8001 W Van Beck Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53220-2230. Or you can pay by PayPal below. Email Scott at or call 414-233-3350 with any questions. I need the student name, an email address to send the Zoom link to, and the student’s phone number. Just send an email to to register.


To order a paper copy of the Student Reference Manual I must receive registration at least 3 weeks before the class start date and a shipping address to send the Student Reference Manual (SRM) to, (Can’t be a PO Box). Any registrations later than that gets an electronic copy of the SRM only!

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IAAO Forum 931 Reading and Understanding Leases – ONLINE WITH ZOOM

August 25, 2022 Enhance your ability to read, analyze, and interpret leases. Learn why extracting all pertinent information from a lease is a critical step in determining property value by the income approach. Terminology, types of leases, common clauses, and custom leases will be reviewed. The impact that these issues have on value will also be discussed. 7.5 Hours CE (8:00-4:30 CST)


IAAO Forum 932 Restructuring Income & Expense Statements – ONLINE WITH ZOOM

August 26, 2022 Find out the importance of restructuring of income and expense statements. Learn how to take an owners income statement and restructure it applying knowledge learned in this forum. Income and expense items that are not permissible for valuation purposes and items that are allowable, but not reported by property owners will be discussed and reviewed. 7.5 Hours CE. (8:00-4:30 CST)


IAAO Workshop 452 Fundamentals of Assessment Ratio Studies ONLINE WITH ZOOM

September 6-8, 2022 This workshop provides a very basic introduction to the development and uses of assessment sales ratio studies based upon the IAAO Standards on Ratio Studies: The workshop covers the topics of sales analysis, sampling, and the development of assessment ratio studies. The workshop also covers managerial and technical issues, which include staffing, timing of studies, use of study results, statistical testing and assessment regressivity and progressivily. This workshop includes an exam. 18.5 Hours CE (8:00-4:30 CST)


IAAO Course 102 Income Approach To Valuation ONLINE WITH ZOOM

September 26-29, 2022 This course is designed to provide students with an understanding and working knowledge of the procedures and techniques required to estimate the market value of vacant or improved properties by the income approach. This course covers real estate finance and investment, capitalization methods and techniques, analysis of income and expenses to estimate operating income, selection of capitalization rates, and application of the approach. AQB Approved (8:00-4:30 CST) You will get an electronic copy of the Student Reference Manual only, unless you request a hard copy and pay an extra $25.00.


IAAO Course 101 Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal ONLINE WITH ZOOM

October 3-6, 2022 This course is designed to provide students with an understanding and working knowledge of the procedures and techniques required to estimate the market value of vacant and improved properties. This course concentrates on the skills you need to estimate the market value of properties using two approaches to value: the cost approach and the sales comparison approach. AQB Approved. (8:00-4:30 CST). You will get an electronic copy of the Student Reference Manual only, unless you request a hard copy and pay an extra $25.00.


IAAO Workshop 158 Highest and Best Use – ONLINE WITH ZOOM

November 2-3, 2022 Highest and best use is a concept in real estate appraisal in which market value is achieved by the reasonably and probable legal land use that results in the highest value and is an essential step in the mass appraisal process that is required before the creation of market value estimates. Local law may mandate preferential assessments according to specific land uses such as agricultural, historic and so forth rather than the highest and best use. This workshop is designed to provide students with a more in-depth study and understanding of the role and purpose of highest and best use in the appraisal process. Finally, this course will feature discussions of the unique situations that sometimes arise in a highest and best use analysis. 15 Hours CE. (Time to be determined-This class may be scheduled to accommodate West Coast and Hawaii students)


IAAO Course 112 Income Approach To Valuation II ONLINE WITH ZOOM

CLASS DATES TBD This course is an intermediate level course designed for the practicing appraiser and builds on IAAO Course 102 training. An understanding of the income approach to value and practical experience with income capitalization are essential prerequisites. Problem solving requires a calculator with a power key. This course makes extensive use of financial compounding and discounting techniques. Emphasis is on developing financial factors with references to pre-printed tables. Forecasting income patterns and property value changes are prominent variables used in estimating present values. Formula driven models are the primary appraisal tools. Market value estimates through yield capitalization are the principal focus of the course. (8:00-4:30 CST)


IAAO Course 400 Assessment Administration ONLINE WITH ZOOM

CLASS DATES TBD This course provides an overview of fundamental management concepts for management and supervisory personnel in an assessor’s office and focuses on the need for management, and the responsibilities placed on the assessor and all supervisory personnel. The course introduces the four major management functions: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling with a separate chapter devoted to each function for more in-depth learning and discussion. (8:00-4:30 CST)


IAAO Course 311 Real Property Modeling Concepts ONLINE WITH ZOOM

CLASS DATES TBD The Real Property Modeling Concepts course presents a detailed study of the mass appraisal process as applied to residential and income-producing properties. Topics covered include a comparison of single-property appraisal and mass appraisal, the major steps in the mass appraisal process, data requirements, market analysis, use of sales ratio studies, cost approach, sales comparison approach, gross and net income analysis, capitalization rate development, model specification and calibration, valuation review techniques and maintenance. Please note: former 311 (Residential Modeling Concepts) and 312 (Commercial/Industrial Modeling Concepts) have been redesigned into this one 5-day course.(8:00-4:30 CST)


Students can audit any 4-day course for $150 if a completion certificate is shown. Students must supply their own student Reference Manual and will not take the final test. Workshops $100, Forums $75

All classes include a non refundable 10% Registration fee. No refunds after 4 weeks prior to start date.