“I have known Scott Winter as an appraisal instructor and leader in Wisconsin assessment practice for over 18 years.  On his own initiative, Scott became a certified instructor, and has become the most widely acknowledged and sought-out appraisal instructor in the Wisconsin region.  Scott has instructed me for every course I needed to become a candidate for IAAO’s CAE designation.  He can teach it all, not only the theory, but he shares the important actual experience that comes with years of practice.  That ability to relate his experience to his students is the most valuable aspect of how Scott teaches.  Scott inspires his students and understands the needs of adults who want to learn specialized skills.  Special attention is paid to preparing students to be solid and ready for course exams, and ready to bring the tools he teaches out into the world with confidence.  If you want to learn more, Scott will help you do it.  The folks I know from his classes all agree.”