Week Long Courses

Course 101- Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal

Course 102- Income Approach to Valuation

Course 112- Income Approach to Valuation II

Course 201- Appraisal of Land

Course 300- Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal

Course 311 Real Property Modeling Concepts

Course 331 Mass Appraisal Practices and Procedures

Course 400- Assessment Administration

Condominium Valuation

Board of Review Helps

3 day Workshops

Workshop 100- Understanding Real Property Appraisal

Workshop 151- Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (National)

Workshop 155- Depreciation Analysis

Workshop 158- Highest and Best Use

Workshop 162- Marshall & Swift Cost Approach (Residential)

Workshop 163- Marshall and Swift Cost Approach (Commercial)

Workshop 181- Seven Hour National USPAP Update for Mass Appraisal

Workshop 191- Seven Hour National USPAP Update

Workshop 252- Valuing Property Affected by Environmental Contamination

Workshop 257- Fundamentals of Industrial Valuation

Workshop 354- Multiple Regression Analysis for Real Property Valuation

Workshop 452- Fundamentals of Assessment Ratio Studies

Workshop 850- CAE Case Study Review

Workshop 851- RES Case Study Review

Workshop 852- AAS Case Study Review

8 hour Forums

Forum 909- The Appraisal of Commercial Properties in a Declining Market

Forum 910- Valuation of Convenience Stores

Forum 911- Valuation of Contaminated Properties

Forum 917- How to Critique An Appraisal

Forum 931- Reading and Understanding Leases

Forum 932- Restructuring Income/Expense Statements

Forum 950- IPMS Residential Buildings

Forum 960- Marshall & Swift Residential Square Foot Method

Forum 962- Marshall & Swift Commercial- Square Foot Method

Forum 990- Residential Appraising: New Things to Think About

Forum 991- Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions

Scott is not only highly knowledgeable in appraisal and assessment administration, but also warm and wonderful to work with.  He is an effective instructor, team builder, and mentor.  I am happy to endorse and recommend Scott for any assignment related to training and capacity building in our profession

Robert J. Gloudemans
Mass Appraisal Consultant